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CLOC - Law Firm Performance Evaluation


1. *This question is required.
2. Please rank the Law Firm on the following performance criteria on a 1-5 scale.  To view more detail on each criteria, please hover over the row label.

1: Unsatisfactory - Bottom 10% - Consistently below expectations
2: Improvement Needed - Bottom 25% - Did not consistently meet expectations
3: Meets Expectations - Middle 50% - Consistently met expectations 
4: Exceeds Expectations - Top 25% - Consistently exceeded expectations
5: Exceptional - Top 10% - Far exceeded expectations *This question is required.
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Understands and Aligns with our Business • Demonstrates knowledge of our business and industry
• Strategic and proactive, early involvement
• Firm acts like they are part of our team and invested in our success
• Few if any requests for waivers
Shared Values • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion
• Sponsors and/or contributes to pro bono and community service projects
Quality of Work Product • Demonstrates in-depth subject matter expertise
• Provides actionable legal opinions that help solve business problems
• Delivers crisp and high quality work product and presentations
Responsiveness / Timeliness • Provides timely and concise communications
• Quick to provide meaningful responses in time sensitive situations
• Responsive to phone calls/e-mails and strives to be available when needed
Effective Use of Technology • Demonstrates good working knowledge of available technologies to improve service delivery and/or reduce cost
• Actively trains staff on effective use of tools
• Presents options to employ technology on our matters
Innovation / Creativity • Thinks outside the box to resolve business and legal challenges
• Understands company cost constraints and responds with creative solutions
• Value-added service offerings (CLE, free/discounted secondments)
Service Delivery • Consistently staffs the best available talent and subject matter expertise
• Staffing levels are appropriately matched to the size and complexity of the matter
• Partners/works well with other firms who serve the company
Results / Outcomes • Consistently achieves favorable interim and final outcomes for the company
• Positive results relative to liabilities averted, reduced settlements, recoveries attained
Cost Effectiveness • Cost relative to value delivered/outcomes
• Develops useful, realistic budgets and manages to them with regular communication
• Effective use of tools and technology to reduce the cost of service
• Provides fee arrangements which share risk and/or reduce cost
Transparency and Information Sharing • Provides metrics and data on case statistics, performance and outcomes
• Firm shares trends, benchmarks